The Majit Desert is the only known desert in Terraexcessum, with a hot, dry climate at its core. The Majit is small at about 2,628 sq mi (about double the size of Rhode Island), it covers the northwestern tip of the mainland. It lies on the peninsula which jets out into the Katikuru Ocean and extends south to just north of Langana Bay . Almost suddenly, it changes to normal prairie land, creating stark contrasts within a range of a few miles. By Earthly standards, it is remarkably similar to the Atacama Desert.

The Majit has remained mainly uninhabited for much of the 5,000 years of recorded history. There are frequent violent sandstorms with dust being blown off off 700 foot dunes at over 100 miles per hour. The name comes from the Mahrikai word for storm, Mahmurit (/maːəmʊriːt).

Background Edit

The Majit desert was first officially recorded prior to the days of The Three in secret documents being passed around the tribal leaders. Although, it was known to have existed for millenniums prior and at one point was habited when the conditions were favorable. While foreigners suspect that the sand was brought on by the settling of volcanic ash as noted by the contents of the dunes, the religion teaches it was brought to them by the equivalent of the christian Devil and slowly begins to eat away at the land as punishment for infuriating the gods.

Climate Edit

The climare of the Majit Desert starkly contrants the moist air neighboring it as brought in the the ocean. It receives about 3cm of rain a year while about a mile away may recieve upto 100cm of rainfall. This is due mainly in part to a rain shadow effect caused by surrounding mountains.[1] As a result, several rare species of plant life have taken hold in the comparatively arid conditions. Carex sabulosa, or Baikal sedge, is only known to exist in four other sites in North America, mainly existing in Asia. Yukon Lupine, also unusual for the surroundings, "grows like a weed."[2] While the vegetation in the area currently locks much of the dune system in place, a large event such as a forest fire could easily clear out the vegetation and return the dunes to an active state.

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