The alphabet of Mahrikai is very phonetic. It consists of 28 different sounds recorded by foreigners in their native tongue, later placed onto english sounds. Below you can find the ture phonetic sounds as would have been seen in a dictionary and then the lettering that is used to transcribe the symbols.

k /k/
ku /kuː/
l /l/
ai /aɪ/
er /ɛr/
ow /aʊ/
b /b/
ee /iː/
uh /uː/
aah /ɑː/
it /iːt/
et /ɛt/
ire /aɪər/
n /n/
thee /eɪ/
chya /tʃj/
mur /əmʊr/
f /f/
gre /grɛ/
sh /ʃ/
arr /æ/
blo /bloʊ/
xi /ʃiː/
day /deɪ/
ch /ch/
ya /yæ/
z /z/
m /m/
  • "k"
  • "ku"
  • "l"
  • "ai"
  • "er"
  • "ow"
  • "b"
  • "ee"
  • "uh"
  • "aah"
  • "it"
  • "et"
  • "ire"
  • "n"
  • "thee"
  • "chya"
  • "mur"
  • "f"
  • "gre"
  • "sh"
  • "arr"
  • "blo"
  • "xi"
  • "day"
  • "ch"
  • "ya"
  • "z"
  • "m"
  • Full Makrikai alphabet with a few minor errors. Near perfect versions are to be found in the individual pictures.

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